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The iTraffic project group consists of 11 students and began its work in the summer semester of 2023. The goal of the PG iTraffic with TurtleBots is to develop autonomous driving functions to solve scenarios of varying complexity on a German Autobahn. To assure that these driving functions meet their specifications, test-based validation will be used.

iTraffic - The Project


Foundations and Applications of Systems of Cyber-Physical Systems & Distributed Control in Interconnected Systems


2 Semesters


11 Students


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The project group's focus is on a cost-effective and relatively low-risk representation of autonomous driving. For this purpose, TurtleBots simulate real road users with different levels of autonomy. This simulation is intended to experimentally validate specific traffic scenarios using mostly low-cost sensor technology. In the future, different manifestations of the automations should exist.
The gradations can be seen below:

  • Not automated
  • Manual control
  • Partially automated
  • Assisted driving functions
  • Highly automated
  • Self-initiated
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